Boost for Indigenous enterprises in Colombia

Posted on 27 April 2022

In the Colombian Amazon, we’re supporting efforts by Indigenous Peoples to improve their well-being, maintain their culture and protect nature. 

As guardians of as much as 40% of land that’s been left relatively unharmed so far by human activities, Indigenous Peoples have a vital role to play in protecting the natural world. 

So it’s great to report that six Indigenous enterprises in the Colombian Amazon have recently launched a new tool that helps potential buyers to learn about their products, as well as the benefits that these initiatives have for their communities and the conservation of the rainforest. The ventures, which range from handicrafts to tourism, were supported in their efforts by WWF-Colombia and partners. 

All the enterprises are located in Colombia’s Putumayo department, which saw the loss of 13,100 hectares of forest in 2020 alone. Sustainable economic alternatives like these increase livelihood opportunities for communities and help prevent them from being driven into activities, such as illegal logging, which cause deforestation. 

The enterprises also benefit the communities by working with vulnerable people such as victims of armed conflict in the country, with many also seeking to strengthen young people’s livelihood opportunities and knowledge of cultural traditions.  

Jenny Jaramillo Parra, who represents Econawa, an enterprise dedicated to tourism in the Puerto Caicedo municipality, says: "With this process, we would like to be able to expand our enterprises throughout the territory and that others join in to provide their own services. Our biggest dream is that, with all these efforts, our territories replace the use of illicit work for legal work, like tourism."

Felipe Barney, WWF-Colombia Market Access Officer, adds: “Whether you are a distribution company or a tourist in the area, you can be sure that you are buying from businesses that have a positive impact for their communities, their culture and the planet.”


WWF supports the efforts of Indigenous Peoples and local communities around the world to protect and restore their ancestral lands and waters, to challenge the frequent lack of recognition of their rights, and to improve their well-being. 

We are also backing their role in and contributions to global efforts to restore nature and stabilize the climate.