Calls for action

Posted on 14 October 2020

Around the world, WWF is seeking positive ways forward that help people and nature to thrive:

  • Our first ever Living Yangtze Report provides a landmark assessment of the health of China’s greatest river with eight research institutes. The report gives a detailed analysis, together with recommendations for action, of the health of different sections of the river, looking at water flow, water quality and the variety of life. 

  • WWF’s Fires, forests and the future report warns that 2020 could be a record year for wildfires, mainly driven by persistent hotter and drier weather due to climate change, land conversion for agriculture and poor forest management. We look at the causes, impacts and solutions.

  • A new report from WWF and others highlights how improved action on food systems can deliver 20% of the global greenhouse gas emissions reductions needed by 2050. While food systems currently account for up to 37% of emissions, actions such as reducing food loss and waste and shifting to sustainable diets are widely ignored by national climate plans. 

  • More than 800 civil society organizations, including WWF and a broad coalition of social, environmental, youth, gender equality and human rights groups, trade unions, local communities and indigenous peoples, have called on the UN Human Rights Council to recognize the right to a healthy environment. 

The Yangtze River in China