Posted on 28 September 2022

After many years of urging by WWF and others, a new global agreement will end some of the financial support for harmful fishing practices. One-third of fish populations are already being exploited beyond sustainable levels so we welcome the decision by the World Trade Organization (WTO) to curb certain subsidies that result in destructive overfishing practices. These practices not only threaten the future of hard-pressed species, they also degrade the resources many communities depend on and jeopardize the future of the industry they set out to support. We first urged subsidies reform in 1997 and, today, are among more than 180 organizations pushing for the removal of all harmful fisheries subsidies that drive overfishing. We believe that future approaches to fishing must emphasize fairness, sustainable development and resilience-building for both people and nature. So we urge WTO members to ensure these reforms are enacted as quickly as possible, and are pleased they have committed to continue discussions on further improvements.