G7 - what is it and why does it matter for nature?

Posted on 10 June 2021

The G7 is hitting the news, and no, it’s not a trendy pop band, it’s the ‘group of 7’ of the largest advanced economies in the world getting together to discuss the latest issues.

Who are the G7?

Leaders from Canada, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, the UK and the United States - together representing 40% of global GDP and a tenth of the world’s population. Let’s be honest, they have a lot of sway over big global decisions.

Will nature be part of the discussions?

Of course recovery from the pandemic will be on everyone’s lips. But there’s no getting away from the truth that nature and human health are linked. Without a healthy planet we cannot ensure healthy people for generations to come, which is why nature MUST be part of the discussions.

In the last few weeks environment ministers and finance ministers have met, and all are in agreement that a nature-positive future is essential to addressing  the multiple crises we face. 

Sounds like progress, but what does it mean IRL?

WWF is an official supporter of the Leaders’ Pledge for Nature, which commits leaders to reverse nature loss by 2030 for sustainable development. That means 89* world leaders (including 6 of the G7) stand united behind a global goal for nature - and THAT means we’re expecting ACTION!


Now #TheRaceIsOn for a #NaturePositive world

The G7 meeting is a crucial point in the calendar in the run up to world leaders making critical decisions on climate and nature at the UN climate and biodiversity talks. We need G7 leaders to step up now and show they are serious about tackling our connected environmental challenges. Without the urgent action our world needs - and a race for the top to avoid future pandemics, to tackle climate change and to reverse nature loss - we could be looking at a very different world in 2030.

How can we ensure this happens?

Nearly 100 businesses, organisations and coalitions have officially supported the Leaders’ Pledge for Nature, and you can too. Share your thoughts on social media using the hashtag #TheRaceIsOn and tell people why you want a #NaturePositive world by 2030.

Have a look at some of the people already tweeting about the race - WWF of course, Bird Life, Cities With Nature, the Global Shapers, even some of our leaders are showing the action they’re already taking. We need to encourage this - every retweet counts!


*89 world leaders (88 countries + the EU) have endorsed the pledge as of 10 June 2021