Help for river dolphins in South Asia

Posted on 03 February 2021

We’re taking an important step forward in our global initiative to safeguard all five river dolphin species.

By launching a new project, funded by the World Bank, to create best practices for the conservation of the Ganges River dolphin in the Ganges-Brahmaputra-Meghna basins across Bangladesh, India, and Nepal, we hope to use the lessons learned to help other river dolphin species around the world. It’s vitally important to get a wide variety of views on how best to safeguard the Ganges River dolphin, so we will be consulting with people at a local and national level in all three countries. River dolphins face numerous threats ranging from destructive fishing practices to the building of dams – issues that are also harmful for both people and other wildlife. And their plight recently came under the spotlight with news that all five species are now threatened with extinction. “Our global initiative is the best chance yet to safeguard all five river dolphin species – and by saving them, we will save so much more,” said Daphne Willems, WWF River Dolphins Rivers initiative lead.