Helping people understand biodiversity’s vital importance

Posted on 12 May 2020

There needs to be a rich variety of life – biodiversity – on our shared planet if nature is to continue providing us with essentials ranging from fresh air and clean water to healthy soil and nutritious foods. Complex interactions between this rich web of life make all this possible so we grasped the opportunity to raise awareness about how everything’s connected during the International Week of Biodiversity (18-22 May).

We invited people around the world to get involved in a variety of ways – from a Facebook watch party for the incredible WWF-backed Netflix Our Planet series, which shows how many natural wonders are under threat, to an Insta Live conversation with some of those who helped bring the series to life.

People were also invited to share their biodiversity-related videos, join a photo competition, take part in a live quiz, and much more. In more good news, our awareness-raising efforts have been boosted by the international awards that recognize excellence on the Internet.

A Webby Award went to, which has given people around the world insights into the issues raised by the Our Planet series.