New alliance to act against illegal wildlife trade

Posted on 22 September 2020

The illegal wildlife trade, worth an estimated US$19 billion per year, both fuels corruption and threatens the future of many species.

That’s why we have launched a new initiative that will bring together financial institutions, government bodies and NGOs to work against this trade. Working with ACAMS, a global association of financial crime prevention professionals, we will run a series of awareness raising activities, develop training modules, and create a toolkit for compliance professionals who make sure organizations act lawfully. WWF Wildlife Practice Leader Margaret Kinnaird said: “Wildlife crime is run by highly sophisticated and organized criminal syndicates with Wall Street savvy, whose activities pose a serious threat to the biodiversity of our planet. This important partnership will go a long way towards bridging the gaps in the financial systems that these criminals exploit to move, hide and launder the proceeds of the illegal trade in wildlife."

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