Why you should make nature and the outdoors part of your exercise routine this New Year

Posted on 02 January 2020

1. It’s free

Let’s face it, gym memberships and classes can get expensive. From parks and fields to trails and lakes, nature provides its very own exercise spaces that are completely free to use (responsibly, and leaving no trace)! Free to use means no excuse to skip a workout 😉

2. It keeps things fresh


Tired of the same old treadmill or elliptical machine? Even if you’re already part of a gym, you can keep things interesting by switching things up and exercising outdoors once in a while. You’ll be surprised how much more enjoyable a run is when you go from a treadmill to an outdoor trail. Not a runner? Bike, hike, kayak, or swim! 

3. It can save you time

Your local gym may not always be the easiest to get to, especially when you’re in a hurry. Sometimes, the nearest park or outdoor exercise area can be only a few minutes from your home.

4. Fresh air and vitamin D


Gyms can sometimes be smelly, dirty, and stale. Besides, if you work in an office, most of the day is already spent indoors! Exercising outdoors gives you a much needed break of fresh air and sunshine.

5. More enjoyable workouts

If you’re one of those people who can’t help looking at the clock on the treadmill or elliptical when exercising, this is for you. A 30-minute run at your local park or trail will go by much faster than a 30-minute run on the treadmill. Why? From scenic trails to summits, sunrises, and sunsets, exercising outdoors gives you the “distraction” you need to make your workout that much more bearable (and rewarding!) 😍

6. Child-friendly, pet friendly

If you’re lucky enough to be part of a gym that allows young children and pets, then good for you! But if you’re like most of us, you’d have to leave them at home. The outdoors gives you the opportunity to take your kids or pets on adventures they can enjoy, while you get a good workout at the same time!

7. More challenging workouts


Exercising outdoors can be a good compliment to your current gym routine, by giving your body a different kind of challenge and stimulus. If you’re used to running on a treadmill for example, simply running on flat ground outdoors will feel slightly harder! From headwinds, hills, steep slopes and uneven terrain, to strong waves and currents, the outdoors will encourage your body to adapt and grow stronger. 💪

8. De-stress and disconnect

If you live and work in the city, your days are likely filled with bright lights, screens and phones, and the constant sounds of traffic. Exercising outdoors can provide an energizing dose of peace and quiet to either start or end your day!

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