Leaders must act now for a nature positive world: The Race Is On

Posted on 05 June 2021

We are in a planetary emergency. Human activities are destabilizing our climate and destroying the natural systems we depend on faster than they can replenish themselves. Unless we make the next decade a decade of action, our future is at risk. But we still have time - and what we do with that time matters now more than ever.

The symptoms of our broken relationship with the natural world are impossible to miss: the COVID-19 pandemic; record global temperatures; one million species at risk of extinction. And that’s just the beginning.

The race is on to change course, before it’s too late.

World leaders are scheduled to make critical decisions on climate and the environment this year. They can and must take ambitious and integrated action on our interconnected environmental challenges to reverse biodiversity loss by 2030 and deliver a just, nature-positive and net-zero world.

What is nature-positive? 

From nutritious food and fresh water to safe homes and sustainable livelihoods, nature is our life support system. But our support system is in critical danger. Reversing this catastrophic trend means stopping nature loss in the next decade, and only then nature can start to recover. By 2030, it is essential that there is more nature in the world than there is now.

No one individual, business, or country can do this alone - it must be a global goal for nature, and for each and every one of us.

To reverse nature loss by 2030 we must race for the top. Right now, governments, businesses, organisations and many more are getting behind this race for a nature-positive world - a race to tackle climate change, a race to secure a sustainable, just and healthy future for people and the planet. We must make this a global movement for nature. The Race Is On! 

What can I do?

Whilst big global decisions may feel a long way from your day to day choices, you can still have an impact. The movement for nature is growing so much that it cannot be ignored, and it should stay that way. Every time you like or share a post on social media, every time you share a news story about nature with friends and every time you cast your vote for decisions that are positive for nature, you’re having an impact.

Over 85 heads of state and government have endorsed the Leaders’ Pledge for Nature. They’ve put their name to reversing nature loss for the good of people and the planet, but now we need to ensure they turn those words into actions to make our world nature-positive. Find out who’s endorsed the pledge and encourage them to take action - #TheRaceIsOn!