Two Chinese cities join plastics pollution campaigns

Posted on 31 May 2020

It’s great to hear that the Chinese cities of Sanya and Yangzhou have joined our Plastic Smart Cities Initiative, meaning that a grand total of 21 cities globally have now pledged to eliminate plastic pollution by 2030.

With people and wildlife around the world threatened by the eight million tonnes of plastic that end up in the oceans each year, cities have a key role to play given that an estimated 60 per cent of plastic marine debris comes from urban centres. However, we also need government action, which is why we are calling for a globally-binding agreement to end the plastics pollution crisis. Progress is being made, with European Commission recently joining a number of governments in pledging their support for such an agreement.

And you too can help by signing our petition, which has already been backed by 1.75 million people around the world. Remember, plastic is a hazard to wildlife – but microplastics are also finding their way into the human food system, which is a cause for concern for all of us.