World leaders take steps to safeguard nature at One Planet Summit

Posted on 07 February 2021

We’re pressing hard for world leaders to take urgent action to reverse nature loss – putting it in on the path to recovery and safeguarding the future of people too.

So it was great to see leaders build on last year’s groundbreaking Leaders’ Pledge for Nature at the One Planet Summit for Biodiversity. Key announcements made at the summit included a new coalition of more than 50 countries committing to protect 30% of their lands and water by 2030; the launch of a new initiative to help prevent future pandemics by reducing the pressure on the natural world (see our report that explains more about this issue); and financial pledges from a number of governments and other actors to tackle the nature and climate crises. Please add your voice to global calls for action to help create a nature-positive world by 2030 – a world where nature is healthier and more resilient than it is today.

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