22 Jun 2023

WWF International statement on “undesirable” characterisation in Russia

We are deeply disappointed by the Russian Prosecutor-General’s Office decision to designate WWF’s..

20 Jun 2023

Welcome news for Great Barrier Reef's threatened wildlife

Destructive commercial gill nets will be phased out in Australia’s Great Barrier Reef after a..

12 Jun 2023

380 species discovered in the Greater Mekong

WWF is calling on governments to increase protection for newly and yet-to-be discovered creatures..

25 May 2023

India sees doubling in wild tiger numbers

The number of wild tigers in India has more than doubled since 2010 to a minimum of 3,167..

02 May 2023

Restoring abundant tuna populations benefits people and nature

Tuna play important roles in ocean ecosystems, and overfishing harms ocean health – which is bad..

31 Mar 2023

Canada sees ocean protection boost

Efforts to protect the world’s oceans − so vital for the future of people and wildlife − have..

27 Mar 2023

Millions celebrate WWF's Earth Hour

At 8.30pm on Saturday 25 March, people from over 190 countries and territories came together to..

20 Mar 2023

In Memoriam: Dr Kathy MacKinnon

WWF is immensely saddened to learn of the sudden death on Saturday 18 March of Dr Kathy MacKinnon,..

15 Mar 2023

New WWF tool offers business and nature win-win

Our new Biodiversity Risk Filter tool is helping companies and investors build a more sustainable..