26 Aug 2019

How powerful is the Voice for the Planet where you live?

Select your country to see how powerful your Voice is.

23 Aug 2019

The Amazon is burning. How you can help.

The images coming out of the Amazon are terrifying. Major cities have been plunged into darkness..

22 Aug 2019

WWF-Brazil statement on Amazon forest fires

The number of forest fires grew by 70% this year (until 18 August, 2019) compared to the same..

16 Aug 2019

World comes together to discuss endangered wildlife trade

With a recent report warning that we could lose as many as one million species in coming..

15 Aug 2019

Seek out nature with our citizen science app

Get out, explore and learn about nature all around you.

12 Aug 2019

Singapore’s ivory ban strengthens moves to stop illegal wildlife trade

The illegal wildlife trade is driving many species towards extinction so WWF welcomes..

11 Aug 2019

Are you elephantastic?

Elephants are one of the most majestic and revered animals. They're intelligent, fearsome, and..

08 Aug 2019

10 big cat facts for #InternationalCatDay

Thursday 8th August is International #CatDay. This year we're celebrating with 10 big cat facts..

27 Jul 2019

Why nature matters to me - a Scout's story

Originally written by Jembo, a 22-year-old Scout from Cairo, Egypt