How to show your favorite people (and planet) love this Valentine's Day

Posted on 10 February 2020

Whether you're celebrating Valentine's or Galentine's, we've got some handy tips for you on all things love. But this Valentine's we hope you'll show your love for the planet too by raising your voice for nature 💖


Celebrate outdoors

Fresh air, sunlight, scents of nature - what's not to love? Plan a picnic date or take a romantic nighttime stroll in your neighbourhood, local park or beach. Hear the waves crash, the crickets chirp and stargaze.. Trust us! Check out some of our ideas on how to take your date outdoors. 

Silhouette two little boys with Milky Way and beautiful night sky full of stars in background


Gift responsibly

Gifts don't always have to be materialistic or over-the-top. Check out some of our ideas of sustainable gifts to give your loved one

young couple practicing yoga at sunset in modern home terace with ocean and sunset in background


Earn your Valentine's meal. Take your couples workouts outdoors! Body weight exercises, running, yoga.. there's so much to do that doesn't require you to be indoors at a gym. Burn some calories before you sit down for that scrumptious dinner date!

Beautiful women stretching at the park - fitness concepts

Eat healthy 

Speaking of scrumptious.. Experts have confirmed that the best Valentine's meal is a well-balanced one, full of fresh vegetables and love. 😍

Why not try your hand at cooking one of these delicious recipes this year! 

  1. For the seafood lovers: check out our playlist here
  2. For dessert lovers: how about a marmalade bread & butter pudding or a chocolate brownie
  3. Moussaka anyone?!
  4. For those who want to go all out: Are you ready to take on this Japanese feast?

Food 1



Spend quality time together at the local animal shelter, beach clean up or soup kitchen. Nothing screams love like giving back to those who need it more. This is a great way to get to know each other more and feel good about yourselves💕


Disconnect to reconnect

If possible, leave your phones at home if you're headed out or in another room in the house if you're staying in. Be present in the moment with your significant other. 


Do it in the dark 




Show your love for nature

In 2020, world leaders have an unmissable opportunity to halt nature loss and set nature on the path to recovery. Please encourage them to commit to a New Deal for Nature and People by pledging to raise your voice for nature.

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