20 Oct 2020

Good news from our shared planet

In this issue of Pulse, we bring you heartening news of a global commitment by many world..

19 Oct 2020

World leaders commit to restore nature

Over 75 world leaders have supported the WWF-backed Leaders’ Pledge for Nature – a commitment to..

18 Oct 2020

European Parliament votes for ambitious climate target

Pressure from WWF and others grows for urgent and ambitious climate action to prevent the..

17 Oct 2020

Good news for rivers in Africa and Europe

We are striving to create healthy rivers, lakes and wetlands for the benefit of people and..

16 Oct 2020

Hopeful signs in European seas

Efforts to restore oyster reefs in the waters around the Netherlands, which had been severely..

15 Oct 2020

Building a sustainable future for Brazil

After years of campaigning by WWF and other civil society organizations, the Brazilian Central..

14 Oct 2020

Calls for action

Around the world, WWF is seeking positive ways forward that help people and nature to thrive:

09 Oct 2020

#EatPlanetBased - for a healthy you and a healthy world

Our food system is failing us. Right now, nearly 700 million people are going hungry, nearly 2..

02 Oct 2020

Leaders' Pledge For Nature - the lowdown

The last couple of weeks have been big ones for nature! 

World leaders have been gathered..