01 Feb 2023

Time to deliver 30x30 for the ocean

Protecting and conserving 30% of the world's ocean by 2030 is a task of global magnitude, writes..

21 Sep 2020

Chile adopts fishing app for better sustainability

Chile is better placed than ever before to sustainably manage its fisheries after adopting an..

26 Jul 2020

New Russian nature reserve in East Siberian Sea

A new 8,155 sq km marine reserve off Russia’s Siberian coast has been established, thanks in part..

27 Jun 2020

Friends to tackle ocean plastics pollution

An estimated 8 million tonnes – the weight of almost 800 Eiffel Towers – of plastic waste enter the..

Marco Lambertini
06 May 2020

A crucial opportunity for change following the COVID-19 pandemic

A message from WWF International Director General Marco Lambertini to our supporters and partners..

07 Nov 2019

What's scarier than any Halloween costume?

Halloween may have ended, but the scares we face with our planet aren't going away anytime soon.   

02 Jul 2019

Guillemots: LIVE!

Swedish researchers supported by WWF have launched a citizen science project to learn more about..

Our Planet
20 Jun 2019

The Story Of Cabo Pulmo

The small coastal community of Cabo Pulmo in Mexico, decided to stop fishing in 1995 to give their..

17 Jun 2019

Are you eating plastic?

Plastic is in a lot of the food we eat. But how much do you know about it?